Unichem Remarkables Pharmacy is located in the Remarkables Park Shopping Centre; which is conveniently only 1km from Queenstown's International Airport. We are your local Pharmacy where you know you will be greeted by our friendly staff & have a great customer experience. We offer complete care & expert advice together with a wide range of fantastic products.

We have your every need covered: from going to the Lake and needing your: Sunnies, Sun screen, Hat & Bug repellant. To coming down from the mountain to need: First aid, Strapping, Muscle soaks/rubs or Supports. To hitting Queenstown for the night: we've got divine Fragrances, Beauty, Cosmetics, Hair ties, Brushes, Mirrors [praps some False lashes, No Doz (and Water), Lube and Condoms]. To Oh No! I'm just about to fly and I forgot my Travel sized: everything(!), Adaptor and a wee Gift for Aunty Sue. To Oh poop where it shouldn't be: we've got Baby wipes, Disposible change mats, Bottles & teats. Also: grab a Passport Photo or get an Ear Piercing; drop off your Dry Cleaning or Post Haste Courier package! We can do it all! We like to greet you with a smile and send you on your way with a smile! *Services are available 7 days a week 9am-6pm;  Subject to staff qualifications, availabllity & licencing of products.



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At Unichem Remarkables Pharmacy we have an incredible team of dedicated and loyal staff who are very experienced and knowledgeable; ready to help whenever you need.